Investment Opportunity

Annual Return

Clearwater is offering a select group of investors the opportunity to make an excellent annual return (6 – 10%), depending on the amount invested with us.  The interest payments will be paid out annually, with the option at the end of each year to have a distribution of capital and interest.  At that time, the investor will have the option to reinvest their principal amount or additional funds.  All investments will be backed by the real estate collateral as a note payable from Clearwater, which will be holding the assets.  In the event that an investor elects to take a distribution and Clearwater is in the process of finishing a project, an additional interest payment will be made based on the required timeframe to complete the sale.

Our ideal investors are those who desire to obtain a significant rate of return through a joint venture or interest payments.  Clearwater hopes to identify investors who share the same passion of having a local impact and generating a significant returns in the process.  We seek investors who value having measureable returns, long term growth, and enjoy developing business opportunities.

Joint Venture Track

For those investors looking to explore our joint venture track, we offer profit sharing plan to those that invest the proper amount of funds.  This track provides investors with the potential to earn at a different level.