Clearwater Real Estate Investment Group is at the crossroads of action and opportunity, which for us, has been built on long term business relationships with a focus on transparency, profitability, and consistent returns.  Our management team has a successful track record of delivering results with a risk based approach that is measurable.  At Clearwater, our motto, is to get things done and create value in the communities we invest in, through various strategic community redevelopment efforts and a social and profitable mission for our investors and stakeholders. With our approach of “fixing cities and neighborhoods, one house at a time”.

Clearwater is a real estate development and investment company focused on purchasing and reselling bank owned properties (REOs), short sales, and acquiring undervalued assets that can be resold for a profit.  Our objective is to capitalize on opportunities within the real estate market by acquiring assets that are under priced due to foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, forced liquidations, liquidity issues, and other special situations.  These assets include, 1-4 family homes, land developments, sub-developments, and commercial real estate.  We are nationwide with a focused in the Northeast.  If you’re interested in partnering or sending a deal our way, feel free to email us at info@clearwaterinv.com